Penimaster Pro Review and Results

So you’re thinking about using the Penimaster Pro and you want to know what it’s all about right?

I mean there are so many extenders on the market for sale so why out of all of them should you buy this one?

First of all..

What Is The Penimaster Pro?

It is basically an extender device that you wear on your man parts to try an increase it’s size.

Extenders were first developed around 20 years ago after it was discovered that tension and traction can increase size.

The problem that most guys have these days is to do with size and not being big enough.

Over the years there have been many types of extenders and devices and there has been one major problem with all of them.

The problem?


The main problem with extenders today is that they are just so uncomfortable to wear. After 30 minutes it feels like your dick is going to fall off so you have to keep on taking it off.

The Penimaster Pro will;

  • Be comfortable
  • You can wear it all day
  • It won’t cut off the circulation
  • It’s safe
  • It works fast

Why Is The Penimaster Pro Better Than The Competition?

Because the Pro version doesn’t use a noose or strap like system.

Instead it uses a suction ball device that grips around your head.

This feels comfortable and even enlarges the head.

It’s safer and it doesn’t cut off any circulation.

What Results Can You Expect From The Penimaster Pro?

Well that would be difficult to say exactly because it all depends on how often you wear the device for and for how long.

They say that to get the best results and see what it can really do you should wear it for more than a total of 1,000 hours which isn’t really that long if you wear it for 8 hours per day.

8 hours per day seems to be a good target and 5 hours at a minimum.

If you can reach the 1,000 hour target then you can expect to gain between 1-2 inches.

How To Use The Penimaster Pro?

It’s actually very simple to use. It works with cell division. Here’s a video explaining everything.

After you have put it on you can then go about your day. It is unintrusive and nobody will know that you are wearing it.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Penimaster Pro

Pro Version vs The Normal Penimaster? The pro version of the Penimaster Pro is recommended because it comes with a suction ball cup which makes it a lot easier to use and more comfortable.

The Penimaster is the old version and doesn’t come with the suction ball so it is just a regular extender.

The pro version is more expensive but that’s to be expected.

If you’re wondering which one to buy. I would recommend the pro.

Penimaster Pro permanent results? So you’re probably wondering if the results that you’re going to get will be permanent or if they will fade away quickly after you stop using it.

To be honest there is a slight chance over time that you may lose some of your gains which is why it’s important to cement them by continuing to use the tool regularly even after you have reached your goal.

For example if you wanted to gain 2 inches and you did it within 6 months. You could then go from using the Penimaster Pro every day to using it every 3rd day to continue to get the “stretch” but without any more growth.

How Big Will I Get? The longer you use it the more you will gain. I’ve heard of people in the world of PE gaining 3+ inches but that took a few years.

Just like with bodybuilding there is such thing as newbie gains which means that you can gain size much faster when you first begin.

It’s easier to gain an inch at first than it is to gain that last half inch further on.

The good thing is that you will see results fast to begin with!

Should I use anything else with the Penimaster Pro? To be honest you don’t need to use anything else in my opinion if you want to see results.

You can get phenomenal results just by using this alone for at least a few hours every day.

To Buy The Penimaster Pro or Not?

If you want my opinion then I would say yes you should buy the Penimaster Pro!

It may not be the cheapest extender on the market but it is definitely one of the best and if you have a little patience then you will see for yourself what it can do!